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Distribution transformers supply power to industries and consumers. The primary function of distribution transformers is to carry the power to consumers through a network of transmission system like Ring main or any suitable system. These transformers are manufactured and supplied to consumers in various capacities from 25KV to 3150 KV. The transformers are manufactured in oil filled construction. Customer have a choice to use Alluminium or Copper Conductor for the active parts. The use of the winding conductor is generally determined by the stipulations of the local distribution authority and has restriction on capacity. The distribution transformers are utilized in Multi Storage buildings and industries.

  • Description
  •   Product Range           : 25 KV to 2500 KV
  •   Voltage Class (KV)     : Primary: 11, 22, 33 Secondary: 433 or any voltage class suitable for customizing
  •   Cooling                      : Oil cooled / Air cooled
  •   Type                           : OFF-LOAD with 5, 7, and 9 positions. ON-LOAD with 9, 11, and 17 positions with customer requirement.
  •   Frequency                  : 50/60 Hz
  •   Vector Group             : As per IS 1180, IS 2026