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Power Transformer power transformers manufacturers

The power sector in the country is in for a major capacity expansion. The link between power generating companies and distributors is the transmission. Power transformers fill this gap. KPRS is presently supporting transmission companies with power transformers of 132 KV class. The infrastructure provides the facility to build and test power transformers of 50 MVA and 132 KV class. KPRS plans to upgrade the range in the coming years.

  • Description
  •   Product Range         : 5 MVA and upto 50 MVA
  •   Voltage Class(KV)    : Primary: 33, 66, 132  Secondary: 11, 22, 33 any voltage class suitable for customizing
  •   Type                         : On-Load 17 Position.
  •   Frequency                : 50/60Hz
  •  Vector Group            : As per IS 2026 and IEC
  •  Reference Standards   : IEC 60076, IS 2026, IS 1180 and other relevant standards.

Rating Diagram Plate, Earthing Terminals – 2 nos., Lifting Lugs – 2 nos., Oil Level Indicator, Drain Cum Bottom Filter Valve with Plug, Thermometer Pocket, Air
        Release Plug, Oil Conservator with Drain Plug, Dehydrating Silica Gel Breather, Top Filter Valve with Plug, Cooling Radiators, HV Terminal – Outdoor Bushings, LV          Terminal – Outdoor Bushings, Explosion Vent with Diaphragm, Off-Load Tap Changer,

LV Cable Box with Addnl. Neutral Bushing/Bus Duct, HV Cable Box, Uni Directional Flat Threaded Rollers, Buchholz Relay with trip and alarm, Dial Thermo meter with
       contacts, Jacking Lugs for 500 KV and above, Marshalling Box, Magnetic Oil Level Gauge, Winding Temperature Indicator with Trip and Alarm, Oil Temperature
       Indicator with Trip and Alarm, Oil Surge Relay, On-Load Tap Changer with AVR and RTCC Panel,